The Highly Dutch 420 Hotline is Here

You've got questions? We've got answers!


April 20, 2022
9am-8pm EDT


Call: 1-833-4HIGHLY
Text: 1-289-982-7000
IG: @HighlyDutchOrganic


The Highly Dutch Organic 420 Hotline will be open and free to individuals of legal age everywhere.

April 20th (“420”) is a notable day in the calendar for the cannabis community and has evolved into one of annual importance with rallies, promotions and events taking place around the World. The celebration has been about recognizing the value of the cannabis plant. Despite that, there are still limited educational resources for consumers.

For decades, the Thanksgiving industry has had a turkey hotline for aspiring at-home chefs to call to make sure they cook the perfect bird. 420 is as legal a holiday as Thanksgiving, just without the family awkwardness . Cannabis consumers need the same love to make sure their celebration goes off without a hitch.

From the growing facility where Highly Dutch products are cultivated in Ancaster, Ontario, on Wednesday, April 20th from 9am-8pm EDT, experts will be available to support any questions you may have about cannabis.

Been awhile since you’ve experienced cannabis and just want to know where to get some? Curious what the difference is between resin and rosin? What temperatures are optimal for terpene combustion? That's where we come in. 

A panel of industry experts, budtenders, growers, and cannabis education professionals, like Andrew Freedman (The Cannabis Sommelier), and Kelsey Cannabis will be available through the Hotline.  Inquiries to our panel of experts are all free and can be made via phone 1-833-4HIGHLY (1-833-444-4459) , DM on Instagram (@highlydutchorganic) or text 1-289-982-7000  The Hotline is open to individuals of legal age only.

A recent poll suggested that at least 35% of Canadians are more open and positive about cannabis use since legalization[1]. The poll also said that 20% also confirmed that they’d be somewhat more or much more likely to consume cannabis if more educational resources were available.[2]

Don't be shy, give us a ring!



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[2] Cannabis 420 Survey. IPSOS. April 2022. Total Base = 1000. English. Q.8. If you had more educational resources about Cannabis, how would it impact your consumption of Cannabis


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The Highly Dutch 420 Hotline is Here

The Highly Dutch 420 Hotline is Here

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